Disappointed with Service from itravel

Canada Travel Review

by Stephanie

Was the first time using itravel2000.com and will never do so again. We are travelling as part of a wedding, leaving from a different destination than everyone else.

So, I decided to book using the same travel agency. I was hoping since we were travelling as part of a big group to be offered a discount, however, the price offered was the same price I could get anywhere else.

Also, once the trip was booked, there was little customer service available. After booking the trip, the price dropped less than 12 hours later. There was a price protection service, however, it didn’t apply to the childrens rate. Now our 4 year old is paying almost the same price as a full adult.

I feel that being part of a big group should have influenced the price. Also, I question how little service is offered after the trip is booked. The attitude I feel they have is “we have your money, now get lost”.

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