Difficulty with flightcentre.ca Site

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by Sandy
(Kitchener, Ontario)

I am trying to book online with flightcentre.ca. I search for flights from Kitchener to Taipei, a list of possibilities comes up with connection and pricing options, and I select the one I want.

When I the number of passengers and province on the next page, there is a banner that says that “due to changing availability, the price is no longer available. The new price is $xx.” It doesn’t seem right to me that they can update the price on one part of the website, but not on the other.

Also when I click the “terms and conditions” which HAVE to be accepted, the popup window is blank, so I have no idea what I am agreeing to. I have used them before without these problems.

Hi Sandy,

Thank you for your comments about flightcenter.ca I put it the same information – Kingston to Taipei and I was able to go all the way through to the purchase screen.

I did have to check the box for Flight Conditions and Booking Terms to and then click on the link to view the actual Rule Fare.

I suspect that either flightcenter was having a glitch in their system or the issue may be with your browser. It seems ok now from their end at least.

Jo – Editor
Fly From Canada

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