Dealing with itravel2000 – itravel2000 review

Canada Travel Review

by chris
(calgary, ab, Canada)

Trying to book online, the site had a problem processing our booking to Maui. We called and spoke to a representative who proceeded to take our information and book our trip. We verified all the information and confirmed and payed for your trip.

Upon receiving our itravel confirmation and e-tickets we noticed that they did not have the correct name for my daughter. I called right away and after having another representative take our information and waiting on hold for 20 minutes, they I was told that the original rep would call me back shortly. i received no call came so i sent an email to him the next day and recieved his out of office.

I called back again and the rep that answered placed me on hold for another 30 minutes while they called the airline to straighten this out. I was told this would be straighted out before my flight was to depart leaving an un-easy feeling. i asked for a refund but was denied and was assured this would be taken care of.

A few weeks later i noticed a strange charge on my credit card, i called Visa and they informed me it was from iTravel2000. 3 more calls at 30 minutes of holding each, 2 emails and a week passed before i was informed it was a billing mistake and that i was over charged and a credit was made back to my visa.

One week before our trip i called the airline directly to verify that the change was made to reflect the correct name for my daughter and it still was not. The airline was able to make the change right there and the problem was resolved.

I will never again use iTravel2000.


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