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by nevermind

I had called Flight Network because my booking came up wrong in my emailed itinerary and the agent told me i was stupid and that computers dont make mistakes…..need i say more. NEVER AGAIN will i use them or recommend anything from them!

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  1. Disillusioned by Flightnetwork

    I made a booking with Flightnetwork and the initial of my first name was attached to my family name. this is how my e-mail address reads.
    I have been trying to get them to correct my name and so far have not yet heard from them.

    As it is my family name on my e-ticket does not match my family name on my passport.The agent says that this is not a big deal and the airlies have a note on my file. I think most people who travel by air know that one’s name must match the passport or else one can be denied.

    Need I say more!!!

  2. Great Service

    For The Attention O FFlight Network

    Please be advised I am presently employed at the Renaissance Hotel in Vancouver.I a very conscience of great customer service.

    I had some issues with my name on my ticket.

    I had the pleasure of speaking with Dwine and Bianca these ladies were very polite, patient,and at no time there was distress in their tone. Provided all information in a very professional manner. Constantly Apologising to me that there was a lot of calls to the airline and please hold on as they were awaiting information to process my request.

    The service that these ladies provided is a great asset to customer service!!!

    I would like them to be recognized for their great service.

    Happy Holidays!!!

    Best Regards

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