Currency Confusion with Cheaptickets


by John
(Ontario, Canada)

Despite the appearance of as a Canadian site, the prices are not quoted in CDN funds—it does not tell you this until you start the booking process.

We spent a great deal of time comparison shopping for our New York vacation and was by far the cheapest until we realized it was in US funds. This does not make any sense they would quote this way other than trying to get shoppers hopes up that they are getting a great deal. We are using Expedia.c a from now on instead even if it is a bit more since they are upfront on their pricing.

Editors Note: We do agree that the pricing on this site can be confusing. We checked flight only and it was clear that the prices were in CAD. Then we checked hotel only and that was clearly in USD. The confusion came in when we checked the package deals (air and hotel) where no currency is listed until the final page where a reservation can be made and it is in USD.

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  1. The real Cheap Tickets Canada

    The real cheap tickets canada is They are a government registered travel company based in Victoria, BC and the only trademark holder for Cheap Tickets in Canada.’sces are in US dollars and is a cyber company that makes money by linking to other companies based in the USA which is why their prices are in US dollars. They are owned by which is a company that registered dozens of premium website names when Canada deregulated .ca domain names. They don’t have a travel agency licence in Canada.

    Cheap Tickets’sces are in Canadian dollars.

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