Crappy Service – I would NOT recommend booking with itravel!!

Canada Travel Review

by M.Josic
(Vancouver, BC)

We have booked an extended-family vacation for 11 people, once our trips were booked and paid for we have had absolutely no customer service. We were overcharged for an extra child, and could not get anyone to return our phone calls and e-mails to rectify the overcharge.

After many attemps to reach our travel agent, we were told that it was Signature Vacations fault for the overcharge not itravel’s. When we contacted Signature Vacations, we were then told that it was definately the travel agents error and we must go after her for the refund. We did finally get a refund but not for the full amount owing, they shorted us $25….

To top it all off, none of our family members ever received a final confirmation stating that the trip was paid in full and only after checking the airline did we find that our travel times had been changed without the agent ever calling to let us know. (We did try contacting a manager, and when we did we were grilled on how we got the manager’s name and number. The manager was ruder than our travel agent)

We are very disappointed with this company and it’s level of customer service. None of our family members will ever book through itravel 2000 ever again!

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  1. Do not book with itravel2000

    I am one of the family members that booked this trip. I totally agree with everything that was written. I have gone to Mexico 3 other times with various travel companies and have never been treated as poorly as this company treated our group.

    The amount of time spent phoning and emailing to just get basic travel information that we had paid for was ridiculous!! Our flight/trip is in less than 2 weeks and we have still not received final confirmation of our itinerary (after numerous requests by all members).

    Please do yourself a favor and go to a real travel agency with an agent that you can talk to – someone that will notify you if flight times change, stopovers are added, etc. Do not use itravel2000.

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