Claimed $200 would be refunded, only got $100 from TripCentral

Canada Travel Review

by Mike

Booked a trip to Dominican Republic through Tripcentral (Barrie, Ontario) location from Saturday May 2 to Saturday May 9, traveling with Sunquest. It was for a wedding with approx. 50 people traveling.

Two weeks before departure, the Tripcentral agent calls me and says that our flight had to moved to the day before (Friday), which caused me to have to miss an extra day of work.

The agent told me that my guest and I would be getting $200 back each for the inconvenience if we could still make the trip; otherwise, a total refund was offered. We decided to go, despite missing the extra day of work, and figured the $200 would make up for the lost pay. The trip was great. However, I had to keep calling the agent afterward, trying to get our refund.

She eventually informed me that we’d only be getting $100 dollars back each and said this is what the original deal was. I’ll be trying to get my money from Sunquest. My advice to you, if you’re faced with this situation get it in writing.

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