Check everything twice before going with Last Minute


by Marek
(London, Ontario, Canada)

We booked our trip to Panama with Travel Last Minute Company on Jan 6 2010 and were supposed to leave on Jan 16 2010. During my conversation with an agent I said that our passports are valid till March, and he said that’s ok and we can go on these passports because they are valid well past the return date.

When arrived at the airport with kids and luggage we were told we can’t go because Panama requires the passposrts to be valid at least three months from the deaprature date!! I am sure you can imagine how we and the kids felt being told we can’t go on the trip.

I called the Travel Last Minute agent and ask him to refund me and book me a trip to another country. He denies giving me the wrong information and says I can buy another trip but he won’t refund me for this one.

We went on another trip and paid for it, but lost a lot of money.

Lots of other mistakes made by the agent: Miss beside my son’s name, no receipt sent to me, no response to my email requests to fix mistakes on our itenerary.

So be careful when you book with them, don’t rely on the information given to you by the agent, verify it before you go.

I didn’t because I trusted he knows his stuff, and it cost me thsousands of dollars.

Note from Fly From Canada:

This is a good leasson for everyone – this family lost lots of money. It is important to ALWAYS check to make sure you have the proper travel documents and make sure all names etc are spelt correctly. Now that many people book online, mistakes can happen. Unfortuneately, it is the responsibility of the travelers to verify everything.

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