….phone number frustrations


by Catherine G.
(Oxford, Ontario)

After 5 hours and 15 phone calls, I have yet to figure out what the contact phone number is for this company. The phone number listed on the website 1-800-454-0876 and 1-800-454-0870 only lead to a hotel reservation service who is unable to help you much with any questions about your flight reservations. So as long as you have no questions whatsoever your flight, you might be o.k.. I say “might”….read on below.

Since the Canadian dollar jumped over par with the American dollar, the website has been underquoting prices. I’m not sure how long this will remain the case. The “total price” for your flights/reservations will be lower than what you will actually be billed. If you are lucky enough to find someone at any of the dozens of phones numbers you will likely come across or be transferred to, to discuss the billing error you will no doubt discover, that person will likely offer to refund the erroneous bill and actually charge you the price they quoted (gee…what a concept…actually charging customers the price you quote them?!!). Of course, the price they quoted you (April, 2010 is when this happened) is actually too low, but they will offer to give it to you for that price anyway. I saved $160.00 and they waived the $10.00 admin. fee on 4 tickets ($40.00).

You will get some satisfaction that you were actually billed the amount you were quoted, but you will also have spent a significant portion of your life making frustrating phone calls to Manilla, El Salvador and some other country she didn’t know the name of, to a hotel reservation service that can’t answer anything about flights. If you have tried about 15 – 20 phone numbers, you might be close to getting somewhere. If you have pulled out all your hair and worried yourself sick that you have sent your credit card number and money to a bogus company, you might be close….keep going, you’ll get your refund and you’ll get a good deal!!

Next time, book with A few of the employees and a supervisor at do believe that they are owned by Expedia, however Expedia knows nothing about them and contrary to what you’ll be be told, Expedia can’t help you sort out anything with I did discover that there is some connection between and…you might have some luck there.

Have fun…the sun will shine again!!

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  1. -Telephone Frustrations

    Phone Number frustrations: I am not quite sure why this person had such a hard time with telephone contacts to our site; and has written this Comment. has been in business for many years,has thousands of satisfied customers and is indeed an affiliate of Expedia/ Furthermore there are 1 800 numbers on every booking page; as well as a telephone number to the offices of the owner of clearly written on the site.

    Peter Maxymych–President of inc.

  2. Totally frustrated

    I have just gone through what Catherine G from Oxford, Ontario spoke about in her post! I, however, have not been able to speak to anyone who can help me at this point. I am still looking for a phone number that will route me to the airline ticket people and not the hotel people! My problem is that the ticket I booked through to Puerto Vallarta is on Mexicana Airlines – which has just gone out of business. Cheaptickets emailed me to call mexicana airlines directly. Mexicana Airlines told me that all my confirmation numbers and ticket numbers are wrong and cannot help me without the correct numbers. They told me to contact Cheaptickets again. I CAN’T SEEM TO GET A PHONE NUMBER THAT WILL GET ME THROUGH TO TALK TO A LIVE PERSON WHO DEALS WITH AIRLINE TICKETS! HELP!

  3. Cheaptickets.Ca-Great Site is an affiliate of Expedia when you check further; but is not owned by Expedia.The prices are better on in Canadian dollars.Or so it seems.Also ,I had no trouble speaking with an agent about the reservation and got through immediately. Do not see any problem there at all . It is a great site and will use it again.

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