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Canuck Abroad Review

There are many sites related Canada travel industry, but Canuck Abroad is different than others. This online travel site is not only about travellers going on a holiday, but also about travellers who are going out of the country for business and other purposes. The site has great advice and tips for first time travellers as well as expats living in any part of the world.

Canuck gives the users information on cheap airfare, hotel reservation and also maintains a list of Canadian embassies and consulates. Explore details from travel destination if you are travelling abroad and learn all about the great deals on the airfare and hotel reservation. The Travel advice section has something for everyone, from business travellers to women travellers. Not only travel, it also gives information on overseas job as well as advice on such diverse issues like working your way through a backpack European vacation (through its forum section).

Canuck Abroad gives you US and UK immigration advice. If you are a regular traveller then sign up with the newsletter section so that you can get alert about latest news, special deals and travel advisory from this very unique Canadian online travel site.

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What we liked about this site: Canuck Abroad

The site has information for all kinds of travellers. From people going to settle abroad to families going on vacation, all types of Canadian travellers will find their queries answered here.

What we thought could be improved about Canuck Abroad

Information on many countries is not there yet.

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