iTravel2000 Disneyworld Issues

Canada Travel Review

by Chris
(Toronto, On)

This is an itravel2000 Review:

In arranging a trip to Disneyworld we had pointed out a deal, through Disney, to a friend that would also be going around the same time as ourselves. They ended up feeling overwhelmed trying to cover off everything on their own, as they have never been to Disneyworld and did not know what certain things meant. So they called iTravel2000 to book.

I immediately told them that I had never had a good experience and neither have I ever known anyone to have a good experience with iTravel2000 in the past. They told me they already made the booking so it was a done deal. Well I got to thinking and looked on their site, found a deal myself that included a flight that was priced attractively.

So I called and inquired about a few aspects and went ahead with the booking myself. Both my friend and I were told that the “Disney Dining Plan” was unavailable at the time of booking and would have to be added the next day once they were able to speak with the tour operator (in this case Air Canada Vacations).

Well the next day came and went and the call I was assured would be made never came. So the day after that I called the rep that booked my vacation. To keep the details from dragging let’s just get down to the point that it has now been two weeks, SEVERAL phone calls, SEVERAL emails and even speaking to a different rep (when I finally called and asked for a manager but was diverted by a rep) and I am no closer to booking this Dining Plan than Egypt is to Toronto.

Nor is my friend. We have been laughed at by reps when we voice our complaints and have been told to “Go right ahead” when referencing placing reviews on travel sites.

So be warned. The deals that you see on their sites come with a heavier price than is visible and heaven forbid you should ever need something from them after they’ve already gotten your money.

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  1. They canceled my wedding with 2 months to go

    I totally agree with what you experienced. I am currently planning my wedding through itravel2000 and have been for the last year when they took $6000 in deposits. On friday they charged us all in full and yesterday came to us saying that Transat has decided to no longer travel to our destination come April so they have refunded us all of our money. Meaning 2 months out from my wedding (April 17) they have canceled it with no real options for a resolution.

    Itravel does not stand behind the travel operators they sell, if they cancel, they have no care for the clients and the fact that they have been holding our deposit money for a year. ITravel has just backed off and said, it’s not our fault that Transat canceled.

    Now we are scrambling to find someone who can help us out so that we can still have the wedding of our dreams in 2 months without causing our guests (40) to have to change dates or pay extra money.

  2. I travel suggestions Blue Bay

    I booked with I travel on a deal last january! I read some reports on the hotel that they were sending me too.. Blue Bay just out of Playa De Carmen. The reports read that the food makes you sick and the line ups to the doctor are long. I phoned my travel agent, which took a couple of days to connect with my concern. Too late was my answer. I got to the hotel, I was sick. The doctor charges $ 100 for the meds to kill off there mexican bug. DO NOT GO TO THIS HOTEL!!! nor would I book through there again, they have a crappy list of hotels.

  3. Customer service

    see comments about the wedding…go to a reliable travel agency..yes companies sometimes cancel destinations when they roll over to their spring product but they should of helped you change over to another destination.

    Also when booking they should of made you aware in April the product changes dates and destinations can be dropped..If they know when in business should of recommend a place that the companies do year round if they have experienced travel agents.

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