How to Find Canadian Travel Deals

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Many travellers are searching for Canadian travel deals. With the economy in a major slump, vacations may not be a priority right now for many people. Hopefully, if things settle down, individuals and families can take a respite from this crisis and take a short trip sometime in the near future.

Having said that, here are tips on how you can save money on your next vacation.

1. Tip for Finding Canadian Travel Deals

Instead of booking your airfare and hotel accommodations separately, check to see what package deals are available. Many travel companies offer this and you get to pick the hotel you want and the flight you want and they give you the discount!

2. Tip for Finding Canadian Travel Deals

With the new security regulations enforced at all airports, it may be a good idea to backpack it to your destination. This will afford you a savings of $15.00 for the first piece of luggage and $25.00 for the second. For a family of four, the potential savings can be as much as $60 to $100.

3. Tip for Finding Canadian Travel Deals

Take advantage of group travel. Most agencies and tour operators buy a block of seats on airlines for their tour packages. Check online for your specific destination and then contact the tour operator to find out if they have seats available. The savings can be substantial. Call your travel agent as well.

4. Tip for Finding Canadian Travel Deals

Travel mid week. Tuesday through Thursday is the best time to travel at cheaper rates. Avoid weekend departures if possible as well as peak dates. Check with your agent for the lowest fares. Also, remember to book at least two months in advance for any flight.

5. Tip for Finding Canadian Travel Deals

Buy a Saturday copy of the Globe and Mail or the equivalent in your city. In it you will find an entire section devoted to travel destinations and special discounted tours.

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As we mentioned at the outset, the vacation outlook for the rest of this year into the next looks bleak. However, you can still take advantage the many weekend vacation packages offered in the Canada and the USA.

If you plan on traveling abroad, talk to a travel agent as he or she will be able to give you all of the latest information regarding air fares, hotel accommodations, tours, and tips on destinations where you can save additional money depending upon the time of year you travel.