Tips on Saving Money on Canadian Air Travel

Tips on Saving Money on Canadian Air Travel

Almost everyone knows that if you want to save money on Canadian air travel, booking flights to any destination early enough can save money. How much depends upon how early you make the reservations. Here are some additional tips that can help you save a few dollars planning your next vacation.

1. Tip on Saving Money on Canadian Air Travel

Traditionally, new airline prices come out every Wednesday. Call the airline of your choice to determine the best rate. Book your flight at three months or more in advance to obtain the lowest rate. Conditions do apply, however, especially during peak travel dates.

2. Tip on Saving Money on Canadian Air Travel

Travel mid-week. Tuesdays through Thursdays are the best travel days to obtain cheaper fares. For lower rates, return on these days is required as well.

3. Tip on Saving Money on Canadian Air Travel

While there are many online travel companies offering cheap flights, check with your travel agent as well. Agents are always notified when lower fares are available and for those agents who book group tours, you may be able to take advantage of the airfare portion of the package.

4. Tip on Saving Money on Canadian Air Travel

Check online prices, too. These travel companies may purchase a block of seats and offer them to the general public for a good price. Compare and contrast these companies online to find the best deal. SAVES You 20% or MORE on Air Fares

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5. Tip on Saving Money on Canadian Air Travel

Although tour packages encompass both air and hotel, there are times when the tour companies are unable to put together a full tour group. Contact them to ascertain if you can purchase the flight part of their package. For example, many tour operators provide packages to Italy, Hawaii, and other destinations. Call them to see if they have any seats available on their flights. This can yield a substantial savings.

After the deregulation of airlines, when competitive pricing brought about the “air-fare wars”, consumers benefited by the ridiculously low fare that were offered. Unfortunately, many airlines were unable to fully book their flights and either filed bankruptcy, merged with another airline, or went out of business altogether.

Subsequently, airfare prices have risen considerably, especially with the new security regulations as well as the price of fuel. Consequently, in order to obtain the best fare possible, it is recommended that you book early, travel during off-peak dates, travel mid-week, and keep abreast of Canadian air fares either through your travel agent or online.

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