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Canada Passport Office

Where to apply for a Canada passport – Canada passport office

You can deliver your Canadian passport application in person to a Canada Passport office

To mail a Canadian passport application, the address is:

Passport Office
Department of Foreign Affairs and
International Trade Ottawa, ON
K1A 0G3

To courier a Canadian passport application, the address is:
The Passport Office
Place du Centre, Commercial Level 2200
Promenade du Portage
Hull, Quebec
J8X 4B7

Passport applications only accepted by mail from Canada and the United States. If you are outside Canada and the United States, your application must be submitted in person at either the office where you picked up the application form or the nearest passport-issuing office in the country which you are visiting.

How long does it take?

Standard times for processing passport applications are: if you apply in person – 10 business days if you apply by mail in Canada – passport mailed within 20 business days of receipt of application if you apply by mail from the United States – 20 working days (passport delivered by courier.

If you apply from outside Canada and the United States – processing times will vary.

Processing passport applications may take longer during peak times, or if there are problems with the application. It is fastest if you apply for your passport during off-peak times, between June and November.

Find out if you need a Canada passport.

Learn about what you other documents you need for your Canada passport application.

This information is provided as a guide, always verify all information directly with a Canada Passport office before submitting your application.


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