Documents Need for Your Canada Passport Application

Documents Need for Your Canada Passport Application

When completing your Canada passport application, you will also need to submit passport photos, documents proving your citizenship and identity, and have a guarantor sign your Canada passport, a photo and any photocopies.

These must all be submitted with your passport application form and fee.

Passport Photos

Most photo processing stores and most photographers will do passport photos instantly and cheaply, usually under $20. Passports photos must meet specific requirements and places that take them know of these specifications.

The photos must also be taken within 12 months of your Canada passport application; within one month if the application is for a child. You can view the exact standards at the passport office. Make sure that the name and address of the photographer and the date of the photograph appears on the back.

Other Documents

Check ahead of time that you have all the necessary documents, and allow extra time if you need to apply for one of these documents before making your Canada passport application.

1) Original Proof of Canadian Citizenship – a birth certificate or Certificate of Canadian Citizenship if born in Canada. If born outside Canada – a Certificate of Canadian Citizenship, a Certificate of Naturalization, a Certificate of Retention of Canadian Citizenship or a Certificate of Registration of Birth Abroad.

2) At least one document to support your identity which must be issued by a federal, provincial or municipal government and include your name and signature. A provincial drivers licence is a good example.

Guarantors for Canadian Passports

All Canadian passport applications and photos must be signed by a guarantor. A guarantor is someone who has known you personally for at least two years, can verify that your statements are accurate and is a not a family member.

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TIP Double check and verify that you have all the documentation you need and that is is exactly as specified. If they say a photo copy is not allowed – it will not be allowed and they will not process your application. The requirements are exact and they do not allow for exceptions!