How To Qualify For The Canada Golf Tour


The Canada Golf Tour

Formerly known as the Peter Jackson Tour, the PGA Canada golf Tour is a professional golf tournament that features the best upcoming golfers in the world with the likes of Aaron Goldberg and Matt Hill. Though the tour is stationed and managed in Canada, more and more foreign players from New Zealand, Australia and USA are now joining this golf tour. As a result, the PGA Canada tour has become renowned golf tournament across the world. If you are looking for the finest competition that the sport has to offer, the PGA Canada tour is golf tour for you.

Any aspiring golfer can join the Canada golf tour, as long as he has the skills to play golf at a professional level. Each year, a vast number of aspiring golfers from around the world participate in qualifying events of the tour, hoping to win their way in to the big events and leagues in golf. Some golfers fail in the preliminary stages, while others go on and become members and participants of Canada’s finest and most prestigious golf tournament.

Most golf players enjoy playing a weekend game of golf. However, there are a few exceptional golfers who make a living out of playing this sport. If you want to become a professional golfer in Canada, make sure to consider these pointers and tips:

Hire a professional

In order to become a professional golfer in Canada, first you need to hire the services of a professional golfer. Basically, a professional will show you the right techniques in playing in the sport. On top of that, he will make necessary changes to your swing to make it better and more lethal.


If you want to gain mastery on your golf swing, it is vital that you practice it regularly. Professional golfers, for the most part, spend a great deal of time in hitting balls out of the bunkers and on the range. Keep in mind that regular practice would only make you a better golfer. Without regular practice, you won’t be able to make it to the professional tournaments.

Warm up

Make sure to create a warm routine that you will use when you are playing in tournaments. When you are playing in bigger and more prestigious tournaments, your warm up routine will help you stay focus both physically and mentally.

Join tournaments

Participate in some regional and local golf tournaments, so that you will get used to the pressure of tournament play. No matter how good you are in golf, you need to get used to become accustomed to the pressure of playing in golf tournament. Keep in mind that pressure affects the way you play your game. When you feel pressured, you won’t make the most out of your birdie opportunities.


Fill out and turn in the application to play in the Canada Golf tour qualifying tournament. After submitting your application, make sure to pay all the required fees.

Aim high

Try to land among the top places in the qualifying rounds. By becoming a top 25 golfer after the grueling qualifying rounds, you will have the opportunity to play to the Canada Golf Tour.

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