Best Canada Golf Resorts In Ontario


Best Canada Golf Resorts In Ontario

Consider some of the best Canada Golf Resorts in Ontario if you are planning to have a vacation in Canada. With a golf vacation, not only will you get to enjoy playing in a quality and remarkable golf facility, but you will also have a chance to enjoy other modern facilities like pools, spas and others. By far, a golf vacation in a renowned golf resort or hotel is a superb way to enjoy your leisure time in Canada.

Any tips on which golf resorts to choose?

If you want to have Canada Golf Vacation, then you can first take a look at some websites that feature them. There are sites that talk about what their experience with that certain golf course was and what the features are. We also have some recommendation for some of the best Canada Golf Resorts in Ontario.

Muskoka Woodlands

Located at the heart of Ontario, Canada, lies are renowned golf resort known as Muskoka Woodlands golf resort. As opposed to most traditional resorts, Muskoka Woodlands has invested heavily in golf. They have 20 + 18-hole and a wide collection of executive par-3’s and 9-hole courses. Aside from its astounding golf courses, Muskoka also offers a variety of tourist services and accommodations like cottages, condos, inns, hotels as well as a site for boating and fishing.

Sheraton on the Falls Hotel

Another one from the list of the best Canada Golf Resorts in Ontario list is the Sheraton on the Falls Hotel. This contemporary four – diamond hotel is located across the street from the falls in the heart of Niagara. It is within the Fallsview district. This resort offers one of the most magnificent views of the Canadian and American Falls. You can enjoy the relaxing and convenient rooms that are 669 spacious ones at that. You can also enjoy their Fallsview Christienne Spa where you can be reenergized again for another round of golf. Breakfasts to candlelight dinners are absolutely scrumptious and satisfying that many still want to get back here just to enjoy the delights. It is one of the best Canada Golf Resorts and Hotels to visit while you are in the area.

Cobble Beach resort

Located in the northern part of Toronto, the Cobble Beach resort offers a golf course that ranks among the top golf courses in Canada today.  Designed by the renowned golf course architect Doug Carrick, the Cobble beach golf resort has become a premier golfing destination in North America. Other than its world-class golf course, Cobble Beach also offers a spa and a fitness center to its guests.

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