Find a Canada Cruise Travel Agent for Your Perfect Cruise Vacation

Find a Canada Cruise Travel Agent for Your Perfect Cruise Vacation


Thinking of going on a cruise? A Canada cruise travel agent can help you determine if this is the right vacation for you. You can also explore online cruise websites yourself and find prices, shore excursions, deck plans and everything you will need.

Should you choose a cruise?

What’s in it for you? The short answer is a great vacation! Majority of people (over 80%)who have cruised once, will do it again. It has the highest repeat factor of any type of vacation. The reasons are because of the variety – hundreds of ships, thousands of worldwide destinations, you can go budget or luxury, you can take a 3-day cruise or a 90-day around the world trip, and the choice is yours.

What is there to do?

As much or as little as you want. If you feel like relaxing and reading a book or napping on deck, you can. If you feel like going on shore at the ports of call and exploring different destinations, you can. If you feel like joining in on some activities on board that interest you, you can. Again, the choice is yours.

What is there to see?

Cruise ships dock at some of the most beautiful ports in the world. The ports are chosen for their appeal, natural beauty, choice of activities and excursions and sometimes, just to be at the heart of the city. Whether you are stopping in Alaska, Australia, Belize, or Naples, there will be plenty of excursions to choose from or you can go exploring on your own. Again, the choice is yours.

Family or Romantic?

Cruises make for great family vacations. Most have fantastic kid programs to keep kids of all age ranges amused, there is a lot of choice for meals even for picky eaters and there is something in it for every member of the family. For this reason, cruises are becoming popular for family reunions.

Cruises also make for a great romantic vacation. Whether it’s a honeymoon, anniversary or a much-needed break, cruises allow for the pampering that is required. With gourmet meals, starry nights on deck, spas and everything taken care of for you, all you need to add is the love!

What’s included.

Most cruise packages include your meals, lodging, transportation and activities. What are usually extra are your drinks, excursions and spa treatments. Air fare to the port is sometimes included in the price and sometimes not. Each cruise package is different so check carefully to make sure you know what is included.

You still have to pick the cruise for you so Fly From Canada has put together some resources for you to find the best cruise ship and to find a Canada cruise travel agent or online site for you to book with.

Links to Canada Cruise Travel Agents and Online Canada Cruise Sites

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