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Canada Travel Review

by Christine
(Dunnville, Ontario, Canada)

This may not be the forum since I have outstanding issues from a trip ending April 16/12. However, if you want better customer service, I would recommend another agency. I did all the “legwork” online months before we booked. We also paid full price for 6 people with no refund or upgrades when the price dropped significantly.

The airline we travelled with, Air Transat, proved to be highly unreliable and unethical. We had no tour “person” traveling from the airport to the resort or back to the airport (over 2 hr trip). Apart from luggage left at the hotel, the drivers left two guests.

We could not communicate with the drivers (no English–no wifi to translate) and no response. Trip Central and Air Transat basically ignored us. We also paid for pre-booked airline seats which we did not get there or back.

Trip insurance proved useless. Did I mention that the drivers going back to Panama airport left 1/2hour early in a real rush! Oh, and did I mention that I still have no luggage!! Never again!


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