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**Editor’s Note: This travel site is no longer operating****

If you want the lowest deals among all online Canada travel site, you have to come to Beat My Quote. They have absolutely the most amazing offers that even big time companies cannot offer! This new entrant in online travel industry has raised quite a storm but the ultimate winner is the holiday makers who book through the site. Booking in this site is quite simple; first you find the lowest deal on a particular package that you are looking for and you email that to the company. Beat My Quote will offer you a package that is lower than that quote.

Beat My QuoteYou can talk to representative of the company at any time of the day if you are interested in booking your holiday through them. They also have online live chat where you can ask anything regarding your holiday with the expert travel agents of Beat My Quote. This online travel site can offer such low prices because it lowers its commission rate! The FAQ section explains how you can get the same deal (airfare-hotels-transit) that any online or storefront travel agent offers in much lower price through the site.

This Canada travel agency is different from others because it does not use expensive advertising campaigns to attract customers. Rather it relies on word-of-mouth publicity from satisfied users. Booking with can be done online as well as by phone. They respond within a day after you have placed your quote and you can call them to find out the details. If you are interested in knowing more about the resort you will be staying, Beat My Quote will send you a PDF with pictures and details of the property.

 What we liked about Beat My Quote

They offer some specialty travel packages including Florida, Greece and Italy. Their “Todays Top Picks” really are good deal(most are departing from Toronto).

 What we thought could be improved about Beat My Quote

The choice of destination is really limited. Also you cannot book then and there through this site.

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I booked over 5 months ago and they told me they could only match the price that I had been quoted by other companies. They promised a 80 dollar gift cetificate …

They are good if you actually can reach them.
These guys seems to be the same as at least last year we booked with pricebeat, and confirmations came from their websites …

They are good if you actually can reach Beat My Quote.
These guys seems to be the same as at least last year we booked with pricebeat, and confirmations came from their websites …