Bad Experience withTicket Pilot


by Ajay

I booked my tickets with Ticket Pilot and they charged me 400 dollars more. And Whenever I call their call center Number. There are two guys by the name of York and Jannick. They say we cannot do anything our manager will call you.

When I Ask when is your manager going to be in they say we don’t know. I have called them at least 10 times. My honest suggestion: Stay Away from this Agency

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    I have used for more than 7 years. I believe they are very reputable canadian owned and operated. I support Canadian companies. No worries about uncle sam having access to my credit card and travel patterns.

    The fares are very compettitive always, the customer service is managed in CANADA and not out sourced to another location out of Canada.The management team is former Airlines and service industry excutivies.

    I have checked them out they are full member of IATA INTERNATIONAL AIR TRANSPORTATION AGENCY AND TICO TRAVEL INDUSTRY COUNCIL OF ONTARIO. So all monies are protected by LAW.

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