Canada Travel Review

by Heidi G
(Edmonton AB.)

My SellOffVacations.com Review:

I cannot believe how AWFUL the customer service at selloffvacations.com is!!!!!!

I booked a flight and hotel package online with them earlier today, received my confirmation email and amount that was going to be charged to my credit card. So im thinkin’ Sweet good to go…….I get a phone call a few hours later, lady asks”did you just book a flight on Selloffvacations?” I say “yes” she says” can …you email me your confirmation email that you received?” me” sorry, the email you guys sent me? you want that one emailed back??”

she doesn’t explain why or really who she is. I am very skeptical at this point. I ask for her Phone number and extension number and I will call her back.

I call the 877 # for selloff from their website, explain the phone call, they say it sounds legit. So i call the original caller back, she is on break, call back in10mins. So I call back in 10mins……She has gone home for the day!!! ARGH!!!

So, I go to the selloff store at May-field Common. She tells me that for some reason this ticket that I have conformation on is not available at the price I booked it at. But i can get it for $600 more!!! unable to process my email confirmation as a booking bc they cant tell who the hotel deal provider is. She cancels my entire booking. and cannot help me further.

I go back home. I retry the booking online and receive a webpage error. So my husband called their call center for help. He explains the situation and the lady cuts him off and says ” let me see what i can do” puts him on hold for 5 mins. Comes back on the line and says she found him a deal out of Toronto????? wtf!

He re-explains that he is departing from Edm. So she puts him on hold again. She is unable to find the flights we are seeing online. She then says she has another call and needs to put him back on hold. By this time He is very upset from such awful service, he asks not to be put on hold again, she ignores him and says i have another line ringing i have to help them. So he is put back on hold for 10mins….. and she then picks up the call and hangs up on him!!!

During this time, we booked the flights and hotels online through Expedia.ca.
Selloffvacations.com is a scam. And their false advertising is abhorrent!
I will never book anything from that site and i will encourage everyone to boycott them as well.

And to add insult to injury…. today I looked at my credit card statement. aAnd they have chaged me the full amount of the trip they said didn’t exist and cancelled!!!!!!

I called them to see why this has happend, and they do not know and will have to look into it and they will get back to me. This was over 3 hours ago……still waiting!

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  1. Similar Experience with Selloffvacations

    I also booked a vacation with Selloffvacations and had a somewhat similar experience. However I booked my trip for February 10th. Never did receive an invoice or confirmation until a week later. I looked at it a couple days later and realized that they had booked it for January 10th. Since it was January 10th the flight had already departed I never received any airline tickets for my trip.

    They wouldn’t commit to their mistake instead saying that I had to pay the increased pricing for the trip in February. The pricing they gave me was also higher than the pricing that was showing on the web for that trip. Many calls and many times on hold they had me between a rock and a hard place. It ended up costing me $500 more for a trip that I had already booked and I’m still fighting to try and receive a confirmation explaining the details for the trip that I booked. So frustrating and will never book with them again.

  2. Sell Off Vacations – Price Drop Security

    Booked a vacation for two weeks to Riu Merengue for $1,035 on Jan 20, 2013. On Jan 24th the price dropped to $975.00. I filed a price claim with Sell Off. After many e-mails and phone calls, I got a reply to say my claim has been approved.

    The catch is:
    Price drop is $60.00 per ticket but they charge a $50.00 administration fee. This is a total rip-off. We have been booking with Sell Off for 10 years- twice a year. In futrure I will book directly with the airlines (price is the same) . We will also let family and friends know of the mis-representation; “Price Guarantee/Security


    I found this page as I was looking for an outlet to voice my complaints regarding SelloffVacations. DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT use them. They have awful customer service/support, you almost have to beg them to help you out to PURCHASE a ticket! Isnt it in their best interest? awful. worst experience ever.

  4. Sell off vacations scam

    Tried many times to book a hotel for London through this site but I always got the “error” message , even though their website said the booking was available. Changed my dates – and still got the “error” message. When I called the number they gave, they offered me a MORE EXPENSIVE hotel.

    This is a “bait and switch” site!! Avoid at all costs.


    I booked a flight with selloff and there was a promo code that Air Canada offered at that time of 10%. After my reservations were made, I noticed that the 10% rebate was not applied..I contacted Selloff again to advise them and the agent told me that she tried to book it online and wasn’t able to get through and that she had to call Air Canada and therefore since it was not booked online, the promo code could not be applied. After waiting over 2 months, and many emails to the Selloff agent (Mandy Cabral) which weren’t answered, I contacted Selloff again and asked to speak with the agent’s supervisor “Bernadette” and she never returned my call either to dispute this matter..

    Another time I contacted Selloff to find out who “Bernadette’s supervisor was and after being on hold for 15 minutes, I was disconnected.In the end, somebody from customer support (if you can call that customer support) contacted me and told me because the agent wasn’t given the promo code at the time of booking, the 10% will not be honoured…Where is the “lowest price guarantee” that they offer…

    What kind of travel agency doesn’t know what specials/promos big airlines offer” ???? If they cannot do their homework properly, book with another agency as Selloff is not up to par in assuring you are getting the lowest price….I agree,with some other comments made, STAY AWAY !!!!!

  6. Don’t use SellOffVacation.com

    We booked a 2 week January 2015 holiday to Punta Cana under the Boxing Week Blow-Out Event that was supposed to give us a $300 travel voucher for a future travel package. We never received the voucher. I phoned to inquire and I was told by the booking agent I dealt with that she would have to contact customer service.

    I was given the run around for several months and now the person I was dealing with is not responding to my emails at all. I asked for their customer service supervisor and again no response. This company is not honouring their own Terms and Conditions and I would never book with them again… very frustrating.

    There are many other travel sites out there and I would only use Sell Off Vacations to “shop around” and then purchase with more reputable service providers. Do yourself a favour and don’t use SellOffVacations.com for your holiday booking.


    May 1st, myself and my boyfriend booked a trip to Cayo Coco, Cuba, leaving May 7th. To be safe, we bought insurance on the trip as we had to renew passports last minute and it wasn’t guaranteed that we would get them on time. We received the passports, however to due health issues, we had to use the insurance to cancel our trip roughly 36 hours before. Not a problem…until almost two weeks later when we try to rebook;

    We called Sell Off Vacations St. John’s to try and re-book the trip on Thursday, May 19th, for the upcoming Saturday, we were repeatedly told that they couldn’t process our VISA payment (even though the card was working EVERYWHERE else…except selloff?) By the time we contacted VISA for them to tell us there were no issues on their end and that the travel agency must be inputting it incorrectly, the trip had then almost doubled in price, and the next closest day we could depart was Tuesday.

    Now, the second time trying to re-book our vacation with Ashley at Sell Off in St. John’s..we book on Saturday for departure Tuesday, May 24th, and are told that its protocol for the agent to send us our itinerary 24 hours before our flight. Monday, we have the first incident of receiving no itinerary. We called Sell Off Vacations St. John’s, for our travel agent to tell us that the trip was in fact booked for THURSDAY, May 26th, NOT Tuesday, May 24th. (Her mistake)

    After the headache we had already gone through, two days wasn’t a big deal.
    Wednesday afternoon then rolled around, and we still have no itinerary, however once again a personal emergency prevented us from being able to leave the province regardless. We called to inform them we would have to use our insurance and re-schedule for the next closest departure date. Our travel agent was perfectly accommodating at this point, rescheduled us with zero hassle for a trip to the same spot at the same price for Sunday, May 29th.

    Now at our third/fourth time trying to re-book this trip (one of them indeed being our fault because of personal issues, however, that’s exactly what purchasing insurance is for) we are contacted Saturday to be told that the trip that they had booked us for Sunday, was in fact a 5 day vacation with an overnight stay in Toronto on both flights, leaving us with barely 4 days down south for the price of a 7 day vacation. With this being the fault of the travel agent and the company (again), they told us that they would then send us out Tuesday morning, May 31st, with $700 off what we were originally paying and an upgrade to our room for our troubles. After all the hassle, we made sure we had all of our travel info before getting off the phone. We were leaving, Tuesday, May 31st, 5:40AM, definitely… Until, Monday, once again, NO ITINERARY.
    So, as usual we are calling the St. John’s Sell Off to question our travel agent on why we still haven’t received it, for her to tell us that she had booked it for Wednesday, June 1st, and that we had discussed this over the phone. (We DEFINITELY had not discussed it.)

    At this point, frustrated beyond belief, ONE MORE DAY was no big deal considering we had been two weeks trying to re-book this “relaxing” vacation at this point.

    Tuesday, 24 hours before..you can almost guess….NO ITINERARY. Now calling the St. John’s Sell Off Location for what seems like the 100th time now, we are informed that our travel agent Ashley “isn’t employed there anymore,” and that they have nothing on the system under our names for a vacation, they don’t know why VISA was charged, they’d refund within 24 hours but… there is zero point in coming into the location to figure out our vacation plans because there is NOTHING they can, or would do for us. We were told we can; “Call head office and figure it out.”

    After dealing with a group of people clearly SO INCAPABLE of booking a 7 day vacation for two people, we assumed dealing with head office would be much easier. Completely wrong. When calling Sell Off Vacations “Head Office” you are connected to a random Sell Off Vacations Location literally anywhere across Canada, and trust me there is ZERO point of getting an extension number to deal with one specific person, because 99.9% of the time you call back the extension to receive;

    A) No answer at all


    B) “the extension number you are trying to contact doesn’t exist, please try again” …annoying, and unreliable to say the least.

    We first dealt with a man who was the manager at whichever SellOffVacations that we had been connected to across this country, he apologized for everything that had happened, and told us he could book us on a 10 day Vacation in Punta Cana, departing June 4th, upgraded room, with express flights, for the price we were originally supposed to pay. June 3rd, of course, 24 hours before, no itinerary…again, and then realized VISA was also charged TWICE the amount it was supposed to be charged.

    After booking this time, we literally have EVERYTHING from invoices, confirmation number/booking number, etc. We call the 1-877-SELLOFF number, to be told, again, our names are not on the system for a vacation…they have no idea what the hell we are talking about. After wasting 6 HOURS on the phone with Ellen that apparently works at head office (which is impossible to contact unless given a specific extension number), they have finally found the charge that was sent to VISA in their system, but there was no vacation linked to it, while also being informed that they have NO idea why we were told that Ashley was “no longer employed” at their St. John’s location, because she does indeed still work there…

    What. The. Hell. Is. Wrong. With. These. People.

    I’ve booked multiple all inclusives with other companies with ZERO hassle, to the point that a monkey could probably do it.

    At this point, we’re told that they can still give us what we were promised, but we would have to wait another week before we are able to leave..no thanks. We asked for our money to be refunded and we would book our travels elsewhere.

    Saturday, we are literally on our way to another travel agency where a friend of mine works, now only wanting to book with someone I trust. We receive a call from the Sell Off Vacations number, from a “Jeff” leaving an urgent voicemail to call him back as soon as possible. When we stopped driving, we called him back. He was from the Sell Off Vacations Head Office, and had been informed about the hassle that we had been put through for the better part of a month now.

    We informed him we were refunded and were talking our travel plans elsewhere, however he was extremely understanding, apologized, gave us his extension and told us to go on the Sell Off Vacations website, pick out any vacation for under $3000 for the upcoming Tuesday (June 7th) and it would be all expenses paid for our troubles. We selected a vacation, called him back with the details, and he booked and sent us our itinerary. When we received our itinerary, however, we realized he had actually booked it for Thursday, June 9th.. After everything already, whatever, free vacation, another two days on the MONTH we had been trying to leave was nothing.

    A day before our “trip” I noticed on the itinerary that there were no details regarding travel to and from the airport to the resort, just to be safe I decided to call back and make sure ground travel was indeed included (as it usually is.)

    At this point, I’m told that they have ZERO idea what vacation I’m talking about, or who this “Jeff” person is. I now can only call his extension to get no answer, and apparently he does not work there, and never had. We were talking to a ghost? Who was trying to fraud us apparently? Who called us from the Sell Off Vacations number? And we contacted at the Sell Off Vacations number? The ONLY info this “Jeff who apparently doesn’t exist” had, was our names, and birthday, info you can find on any persons social media these days. But they were persistent in convincing us it was “fraud.” OK. Whatever. Definitely not.
    Just put us on a plane please.

    After two days of trying to figure out what the hell was going on with this company who has people working there one day, not working there the next, not existing, whatever they are, we are redirected to a travel agent Rosalinda, who is supposed to be booking us on a trip for this Wednesday, June 15th. We go through the same process we’ve gone through a dozen times this month, and get off the phone. This point, laughable, and we know that realistically, we are not leaving this province, at least not with this travel agency. Two days after booking with “Rosalinda” we call the extension number she had given us, to be told, again… “the extension number you are trying to reach does not exist, please try again.”


    I was connected to a random agent, explained the situation, and just wanted an answer on whether or not this vacation existed this time.
    Of course, for the millionth time this month…I am told that my booking number does not exist…our names are not in the system, and that there is no Rosalinda that works at Sell Off Vacations…

  8. Awful service

    recently i purchased an airline ticket with sunwing through sell off vacations..the flight was changed 2 and half months before the flight and i wasn’t notified of the change..either was my agent who i purchased the ticket from.

    Then apparently they sent the eticket which i don’t recall seeing.so in the end i had to purchase another that they won’t refund.they offered me a $25 voucher towards another flight.i told them to keep it.they obviously need it and i won’t ever be flying wih them again.

  9. great selloffvacation experience

    IN JULY 2016
    3:00 PM SUNDAY

  10. Never Again

    sept 25/2016 I book a flight with selloff vacations for the first time. going to Jamaica with my family wife & son. Leaving date Sunday Oct 23/2016 flight time 15:15 to 18:21 from Toronto (yyz) and my date to come back home from Montego bay Jamaica is Oct 28/2016 14:20 to 19:27. I called to change my view from garden to sea view they charge me $60 more I said no problem let me get my credit card. receive email confirming that I now have sea view with the charge of $60 attached.

    Another email arrives from sell off vacations agent (Surinder) who was very rude and keep me and my wife on hold for 30 minutes two different times. When he comes back I let him know that in his 2nd email that my flight time has changed to 19:20 to 00:21. I asked him why he changed my flight he said WEST JET did not tell him? I have 2 year old son why would i want to come at midnight.

    (Surinder) is now asking for more money to charge my credit and will not take ownership that he made a mistake. Very unprofessional service. I will never book with them again. I am typing this 11:19pm september 25/2016 and i am still on hold its now 11:51pm.

  11. Sell off should be sold off

    I can not believe this outfit still exists. They advertised a room with full Internet access where the only Internet is in the lobby. They book you a studio when you asked for a suite. Their representative doesn’t contact you when you complain.

    Then you get home thinking you’ll make better progress only to not be responded to. All in all it is abhorrent treatment for customers paying good money who only get two weeks a year to go away. This should not be allowed. I will never book with them again and even have a sign on my car saying to book with sell off vacations. I think makes me feel better.

  12. I think the pricing they show is false advertising.

    Just looked into a “cheap” flight going to Pto Vallarta in January. Pricing says $387.00 incl all taxes and fees. At the bottom of the page, it says “prices shown reflect rates of the day”. However, when I called to book, I was advised that cheapest flights going on the days selected (which by the way are the dates they are advertising) is over $650 before taxes and fees. I asked how they can advertise the $387.00 as “rate of the day” and was advised that there may have one flight with one seat left so it was selling for the $387.00..

    Unfair way to get people to book through them. Falsely advertise pricing that is not available.

  13. Run Run Run whenever your search for flight hotel car or anything return with SELL OFF VACATION.

    2019 and still they have not improved. Horrible service. Lack of service and too Many inaccuracies.

    If you book with them and they screw up your only option is to contact your credit card provider for a refund.

    Sell Off vacation needs to close that website and stop using the excuse after they fraud you that it’s not their fault they are only working on behalf of another supplier.

    They took my money. Went to the hotel no booking. Had to pay for a new booking. Head ache trying to reach them then when you do they tell you tough luck contact transat bla bla .

    Had to contact VISA have my refund.
    Then they had a nerve to contact me after Visa processed the refund. Yet they were unavailable when you make numerous calls and sent numerous emails with no response.

    Run run run. They are fraudulent.

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