Why I Avoid TripCentral.ca

Canada Travel Review

by Paul
(Ontario, Canada)

We made two separate bookings to the Dominican Republic with TripCentral.ca, one for my daughter’s family, and one for my wife and myself,

From the beginning, our agent, Yasmin, fouled up our bookings with incorrect information, and required repeated calls and emails to get things right. She then emailed us itineraries clearly showing the 21st of December as the due date for us to pay for the balance of the cost of our trips.

But on the EVENING of the 15th of December, she left a telephone message informing my daughter that the balance of her trip was due that same day! Apparently she never thought about letting my wife or myself know this; perhaps she just could not give a damn whether her employers got their money or not.

On calling back it turned out she was not even at work to answer phone calls! But a courteous gentleman named Carl at the TripCentral.ca phone number confirmed that the 21st of December was indeed the correct date. Just to be sure, I agreed with his suggestion to be transferred to Yasmin number, and I left her a message requesting a call back.

Amazingly, she DID call back, only to insist that the 15th was the correct date. I pointed out that she had put it in writing that the date was the 21st, but she denied that despite my offer to send her screenshots, or copies of the files, that she had issued.

Then she claimed that she had spoken with my daughter on at least two occasions, one “just the other day”, wherein the date confirmed to be the balance due was 15 December. I knew this to be a lie, and challenged the rep about it. She then said that the balance was due BEFORE 21 December, and so it was due NOW, the 15th – I suppose because the 15th happens to be a date that precedes the 21st!

I paid the balance for both of our trips then and there on the telephone, but I would never, never, never deal with this company again. It has been far more work, and possibly more money, than had we done our own searching and booking directly with airlines and hotels. Even if we did save money, it definitely wasn’t worth the panic, the stress, and the discourtesy.

This incompetent and dishonest employee should not be working in any kind of service environment, and certainly not where potential consequences of error are in the thousands of dollars for each customer.

As long as TripCentral.ca continues to employ people like this, I urge all readers to avoid TripCentral.ca unless you want to risk kissing your money, and your vacation plans, goodbye!

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