5 hour Nightmare with Expedia-NEVER AGAIN!!!!

Canada Travel Review

by Sue Abraham
(Oshawa, Ontario)

I tried to book a Hotel plus car combo for Orlando July 1st to July 8th yesterday- May 31st. My credit card went through for $2095.83 but the expedia page did not confirm my booking because the Hertz mini van offered was not avaliable.

After being passed from one agent to another -4 in total and repeating my problem each time I was finally passed onto a supervisor who after about 3hrs in total agreed to refund the credit card.

The greatest mistake I made was to call them after an hour to make the booking.

I spoke with a lady call Nehla (I realised after my ordeal that I was not speaking to Canadian agents but to people in Eygpt) who quoted me a $5500 hotel and car price for the same accomodation and dates.

When i questioned the price quoted, she insisted that she had the most updated system. From my end online, I could still see the price quoted at $2095 on Expedia, also the hotel’s web page still had a resonable quote when I checked.

She made me lose out on a good hotel car combo deal. When she sent me the itinerary it showed that she had quoted a price for 1 adult plus 14 children, 1 adult plus 12 children, 1 adult plus 10 children.

she had asked me the ages of my children which are 14, 12, and 10.

What a nightmare !! never again with Expedia.ca.

I will be telling everyone I know to stay clear.

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  1. EXPEDIA – Quick to screw you over

    I tried for several days to get someone to stop putting me on hold and listen to me! The Expedia representative responsible for changing the DATE to the return portion of my trip changed the TIME and as a result i missed my flight.

    Expedia refused to take ownership in the mistake and when i asked to have someone simply listen to the “recorded conversation” all of a sudden ALL of the supervisors and managers were in a “meeting” and no one on the floor has suthorization to listen to the call…?? hmmm…i find this extremely interesting and AGGREVATING! I book a lot of corporate travel and personal travel through and I will NEVER USE EXPEDIA again! in fact i will discourage as many people as i can from using their so called “services.”

    Thanks Expedia for hammering the door closed and slimming my options for booking travel.

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