The worst travel booking experience Travelocity Canada

by Samantha

I had never used travelocity before but used them for my upcoming trip since they offered a flight combination I could not find on Expedia. A couple of weeks ago I got an email stating my itinerary had changed. The change in schedule had an impact to subsequent travel plans which I had already made and paid for.

While I understand this is not travelocity's fault, the way that they dealt with me and my issue was the worst customer service I have ever dealt with.

I called the day I got the email for the change and it was a Saturday, the agent I dealt with had a very heavy accent so it was very difficult to understand him. He proceeded to tell me the airline only works from Monday to Friday and to call back on Monday. I did and they put me on hold for a while they promised to call back between 24h and 72h later which didn't happen. So I called back again and was told the person working on my case was off sick so they couldn't do much.

I emailed customer service to complain and was told I would be contacted between 24h and 72h later and again they never contacted me.

Their call centre is terrible!!

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