Cheap Flight from Montreal to Berlin $89 CAD One Way

Here is a cheap Canada Flight for you.

We found this one way fare from Montreal (YUL) to Berlin, Germany (SXF) is $89 CAD on WOW Air. This price includes your fees and taxes but does not include extras such as your baggage charges.

WOW air charges for each carry-on bag ($64) or each checked bag ($90). Even with these fees it is still a great deal as the regular price is between $380-$520 one way.

Available departure flights for $89 include:
March 8,9, 12, 19, 20, 26,27

The cheapest return flight is March 24 for $309 CAD on the WOW air Canada site. Here is a trick though. If you go to the WOW air German site, you can get return flights for as low as $129 EUR which is around $180 CAD. The flights have to be booked separately as one way flights to get these deals.

Booking the tickets separately with one checked bag each way March 8-22 will cost you $449 CAD. Booking them by return flights for the same days, one checked bag each way comes up as $519 CAD.

You can find these flights on the WOW Air website or by searching Google Flights.

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